The History of Milk Banking: From Origin to Present Time


Guido E. Moro, MD

President of the Italian Association of Donated Human Milk
Banks (AIBLUD), Milan, Italy
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Speaker Bio - Guido E. Moro, MD

Dr. Guido E. Moro is a renowned expert on donor milk and current president of the Italian Association of Donated Human Milk Banks (AIBLUD), which coordinates activity of all 35 milk banks in Italy. He was a Professor of Neonatology at the Postgraduate School of Paediatrics, University of Milan, as well as the former Director of the Centre for Infant Nutrition to Prevent Illnesses in Adult Life and Director of the Department of Neonatal Pathology of the Macedonio Melloni Maternity Hospital in Milan.

Dr. Moro’s main field of research is infant nutrition, with particular areas of interest in feeding low birth weight infants, human milk, and human milk banks. In 1985, he founded the Human Milk Bank of Milan, the most technologically advanced human milk bank in Italy. This bank has collected more than 15,000 liters of human milk over the last 10 years. Dr. Moro was the first President of the European Milk Bank Association (EMBA) and since 2013 has been cooperating with the Italian Ministry of Health as a scientific advisor and member of the Working Group, which prepared and published the Italian Regulations for the organization and management of Human Milk Banks. Dr. Moro is well recognized in his field; he has authored more than 250 articles and regularly presents at international meetings. In 2005, he received the “Gold Medal” from the City of Milan (the highest honor for people working in this city) for his scientific achievements and his interest and involvement in the social field. Since 2004, Dr. Moro has been President of the Association “The Stair of the Life,” which organizes and promotes performances and activities for and with hospitalized children.